Cloud Cover

The second edition of the Magnet Regional Business Barometer has found that:

- Over half (58%) have introduced a cloud system representing a significant jump on 2015, when 23% stated this.

- Companies with 250+ employees are considerably more likely to have implemented a cloud service (72%), with smaller companies of up to 9 employees least likely (40%).

- 59% of IT decision makers say some of their staff work from home on a regular basis, while half say some of their staff work while on the road. Last year, these figures were 29% and 36% respectively.

- Security concerns have also risen significantly since last year, with 1 in 5 citing this as a deterrent to adoption, compared to 4% the previous year.

- Primary benefits of cloud services are reduced costs (58%), mobility (55%), allowing staff to work from home (46%) and greater productivity (37%)

Download a copy here.