eBrexit and Irish online shoppers

The first of our summer polls with our smart panel (developed with RTE Claire Byrne Live) is just out.

The results are quite sobering:

> 64% of Irish internet users have shopped on UK websites in the past 12 months

> Spending on UK websites accounts for 40% of all online shopping by those Irish consumers who shop on UK sites

25-34s (and people in Dublin) are more likely to shop on UK websites than others, but 18-24s have the highest share of online purchases going through UK sites at 49%.

BONUS STATISTIC: 42% of Irish online shoppers who buy from UK websites have useda service like Parcel Motel to buy from a UK website, one that lets them give a UK delivery address for onward delivery to Ireland.

The impact of Brexit on Irish consumer markets is only now becoming more apparent.