Loyalty Boost

How important are loyalty schemes to brands? Using data from our monthly PlanR tracker, we have compared the Net Promoter Score for customers who are in loyalty schemes with the NPS for those who are not. We have taken a selection of brands from the dozens for whom we track NPS every month and compared the NPS of customers of each brand in their loyalty scheme with customers who are not.

The impact is huge: for brands as diverse as Boots, Dunnes and Topaz the contribution to their NPS from their loyalty programmes is very large indeed. In the case of all the brands in the chart below, membership of their loyalty programme significantly enhances NPS, often turning a negative score into a postive score.

The biggest ‘loyalty gainers’ are Dunnes: the difference is NPS of those Dunnes grocery shoppers with a VALUEclub card and those shoppers who don’t have one is +34; followed by Boots at +29: