Retailing’s Uneven Recovery

The CSO produces a monthly Retail Sales Index benchmarked against 2005 values (set to 100.0). After ten years, we can take a look at how the retail sector has performed in Ireland. The table shows the trend in retail sales volumes (adjusted for inflation and seasonality) in different sub-sectors in terms of:

- their peak value (around 2007)
- their lowest value (around 2011)
- their current value (at the end of 2015)

The table shows that total retail sales are comfortably above their 2005 benchmark level (of 108.4), but still below their 2007 peak (113.8): so the year end index for 2015 was still only 95% of its peak.

However, some sectors – such as electrical goods and clothing – are not only back to their 2007 levels but actually well above them in the case of electrical goods.

The story for other sectors, however, is gloomier: groceries, pubs and books are well below 2005 levels let alone 2007 levels: