DIY Research - Data Analysis

Adding insight to survey data

Off-the-shelf survey packages have limited filtering and cross-analysis functions but often facilitate the export of survey data is SPSS, Excel or ASCII formats.

It is possible for Amárach to use these exported files and run the data through our in-house analysis package to interrogate the survey findings by multiple demographic variables (such as gender, age, region etc.) and responses to questions within the survey where the sample sizes are robust enough to do so.

This more detailed analysis is then outputted as a tabular report - in either Word or Excel format – providing the end user with a wealth of additional insight into the responses provided.

Can Amárach analyse survey data that is already collected?

Yes – though the level of analysis will hinge on the quality and amount of data collected!

Data contained within export files can require a considerable amount of resource to ensure the survey variables are captured for all respondents in a consistent manner.  This is particularly so when dealing with open-ended responses or when volume amounts are recorded.

In many cases, the issue of data quality can be circumvented at the questionnaire design stage (see also our section on Questionnaire Review) but Amárach will advise of any issues or problems that will influence the output quality.

How does the data evaluation process work?

Forward us your data file, a data map (if applicable so we know the location of each data variable) and a copy of the questionnaire for us to review the range and frequency of captured responses.

Once we have had the opportunity to evaluate the data file and determine the possible scope of analyses available, we will provide you with our feedback and recommendations before proceeding any further.

But we need some help too! If you can give us some clarity on what the data needs to deliver, we can make our assessment in the context of your organisations business needs!

How long does it take to evaluate a data file?

Please allow at least 2-3 days to assess each file and provide our feedback.  Larger, more complex data sets may require more time but this will be indicated to you once the data has been provided to Amárach.

What kind of fee is involved in evaluating my data?

Data evaluation will cost €300 - €500(+VAT) per file and is correlated to the quantity and quality of the data captured. 

What if I decide not to proceed with the suggested analysis?

No problem – your data file will be returned in its original state!

And if I do want to proceed with the suggested analysis?

The evaluation fee will be absorbed into an analysis fee which can range from €700-€1,500(+VAT) depending on the quality and amount of data to be processed.  A period of 5-10 working days should be allowed for the data assessment, feedback and analysis.


Who do I contact?

Explore how your DIY Research can benefit from our experience by calling us on 01 410 5200 or email